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How to Submit a Story

Everyone's got a great story to share.  If you or your club would like to have your story published in the District X column of Model Aviation magazine here's how to do it.

Your story should be about 600 words long.  In that story tell us the who, what, where, why, and how of whatever it is you're submitting.  In other words who put it on, what happened, where was it, why was the event held and how did it go. Stories can be about events, people,  or building techniques.  Along with the story send 6 pictures.  The best pictures show off models that fill the picture frame, or if there are people no more than about three from the waist up.  Each picture needs a caption that tells the reader what they're looking at.

It is really that simple to submit a story.  When it is ready send it to me at this email.  I'll work with you to get the best story possible to show off you and your club.  So send in something today.

Lawrence Tougas

AMA District X Vice President

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2019 District X

Las Vegas Fly-In

October 25-27, 2019 we're having our second annual get together for all AMA members and their families.  There will be three full days of non-stop flying, music, and camaraderie.  Saturday Night we're having a bowling party at our Host Hotel The Santa Fe Station.

To register for the event  click here you can register for the event, reserve a camping spot, and sign-up for the bowling party.

To reserve your room go to the Santa Fe Station and use the code ACIAMA to get a smoking hot deal on your room.

We're going to have a great time and we'd love to see you there so make your plans today.